Send AES Encrypted Email

Safecall has now introduced AES encrypted email that cloaks all of your email Metadata during transmission. The sender and receiver are the only people that read the email, and there is never a trace of who is the sender of the message for the NSA's Internet Data Collection to record. This is due to the technique Safecall employs to deliver email with this new protocol. First a sender logs in with AES-256 SSL encryption on the Safecall web servers. Then the sender composes and enters the email of the recipient and presses the Send button. The server does the rest by sending a notification email to the recipient with instructions for viewing the message. No information is given in the email about who the sender really is. An anonymous link is all that can be found in the email they receive which is a link to view the message with SSL AES-256 encryption. AES-256 is a military grade encryption system that is so powerful, that the NSA itself also uses AES-256 for its Top Secret encryption systems. Finally, once the recipient clicks the link in the email and reads the message, the message is destroyed permanently and cannot be read again. Messages are destroyed after the recipients read them to prevent any government email surveillance system from also reading the messages.

To send AES encrypted email to any email address, you must first have a SafeCall account. Get an account by pressing the [SIGN UP] button below or if you already have an account then press the [LOGIN] button. This online SafeCall account is used to send AES encrypted emails to anyone with an email address.

First login and go to [Settings] and [Top Up] on the main menu and you will receive a SafeCall Bitcoin Payment Address. Then purchase the amount of Bitcoin equal to at least two Euro. Then during the purchase of the Bitcoin, give the Bitcoin Seller this SafeCall Bitcoin Payment Address. That is all there is to it. Then you can login and you will see the balance of your account reflect this payment and begin sending AES-256 encrypted and anonymous emails to anyone, even if they don't have a Safecall account.

You can buy Bitcoin at one of the links below: (Note that every day Bitcoin is accepted and used by more digital merchants worldwide due to its privacy and encryption. Bitcoin is more secure than credit cards over the Internet as you never give anyone your credit card numbers anymore!)

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